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Nicholas Merton
Oct 2017

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Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer

The Force USA Monster G3 Smith Machine Functional Trainer Power Rack Hybrid is the perfect compact garage gym, personal trainers gym and home gym multi gym.

The Monster G3 combines a Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Power Rack, Chin Station and Core Trainer. Its a Heavy Duty all-in-one compact strength-training machine. The second tier up in the legendary Force USA Monster G series. 

If you’re sick and tired of not getting to your machine at the gym, then take the workout home! It’s time to start your own garage gym at home for less than you would expect. 

Cancel your gym membership completely without worrying about sacrificing equipment accessibility or functionality. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Smith Machine Functional Trainer
Squat Rack
Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bar
Core Trainer
Weight Storage
Lifetime Frame Warranty


  • Workout space is limited 
  • You want an all-in-one solution
  • You want the ultimate home gym with power rack, pulleys and safety of Smith Machine!
  • You want tons of workout possibilities


Our customers said they wanted a heavy duty all-in-one machine that combined all of the safety of a Smiths Machine and the benefits of a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Chin Up Bar and Core Trainer.

That’s why we created the Force USA Monster G3!

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Force USA G3   
Similar Available Smith Multi Gyms* and Previous Units:
  • 5 Machines in one Light Commercial Quality
  • Free Landmine / Core Trainer
  • Dual Independent Cable (2 weight shuttles = More Capacity) 
  • 9 Accessory Handles
  •  Optional Leg Press, Dip Handles, Stability Bar 
  • Laser Punched Power Rack Holes
  • Smith Capacity 325 kgs
  • J-Hook Capacity 425 kgs
  • Free Delivery within 5 days*
  • Installation Available
  • Original Force USA International Brand, The Trusted Name in Strength Equipment
  • Home Gym Quality
  • Optional Extra
  • Single Dependant Cable (1 weight shuttle = Less Capacity)
  • 4 - 5 Accessory Handles 
  • Optional Accessories May not be Available on Other Models
  • Machine Punched Holes Weaken Frame
  • Smith Capacity 200 kgs
  • J-Hook Capacity 250 kgs
  • Some Suppliers Import per Order 
  • Some Companies Cannot Install. 
  • Some Local Brands or Strength not a Core focus

*Similar Units means a multi functional gym machine using the similar smith machine functional trainer combo format in the same price bracket (+ or - 5%). 

** When in stock. Force USA is housed and warehoused in South Africa  and when in stock dispatches to customers within 5 working days. 

Smith Machine

The 325 kg capacity Smith machine component is designed around the natural movement of your body and creates a comfortable and safe workout. Rerack The Smith machine bar into any of the height positions after you have finished lifting.

The Lock and release mechanism helps you create a comfortable and safe training environment easily. The  light commercial quad bearing roller system ensures and ultra smooth movement along the guide rods and ensures longevity making the Monster G3 ideal for personal training environments as well as serious home gyms. 

Add the optional leg press attachment to the Smith machine for an exciting and different set of leg exercises such as leg press and calf press.

Please note that the  Smith machine works only with Olympic weights and at the Olympic size sleeves cannot be removed to make way for standard plates.

Power Rack

The steel Power Rack component includes J-Hooks and Front Safeties which can be adjusted to any height position you need.  

High-end quality J-Hooks and Front Safeties include polymer coating whilst keeping your barbell knurling protected.

The Force USA G3 Monster  also features Westside spacing with 50 different numbered adjustment points to perfectly position any size user for bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, squats, front squats and more.

Add to this the front safety arms which are ideal for holding your barbell for heavy partial deadlifts, shrugs or upright rows.

Functional Trainer

The Functional Trainer component allows you to perform over 75 different exercises. Features adjustable height positions to perform shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises.
The FORCE USA Monster G3 has 22 height positions to perform cable exercises from all angles for Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Back Core and Leg Exercises. With Fluid Cable movement and Included cable attachments this light commercial Multifunctional Trainer Smith Machine Power Rack / is packed with features and offering a large variety of exercises

Chin Up Station

The FORCE USA Monster G1 Functional Trainer Power Rack system has the proven FORCE USA ergonomic multi-grip chin up / Pull Up station which you see on almost all of the FORCE USA power racks Including theForce USA MyRack, Force USA Monster G3, G6, G9and G12. This ergonomic design allows you to perform pull ups, chin ups, wide grip pull ups, neutral grip pull ups and angled pull ups.  

Core Trainer 

You see them in all the gyms,  now use your own  landmine station Core Trainer. 

The perfect accessory for all kinds of functional, core,  torso and rotational  training.  includes a t-ball for t-bar rowing.  please note that's a barbell is needed and these are sold separately.

Perfect for T Bar rowing,  two handed landmine press,  Lumberjack Squat and press,  one arm rowing,  one arm clean and press  and many more.


All in One Complete Home Gym Solution. Includes 5 Machines in One, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Power Rack, Chin Station and Core Trainer. A Comprehensive Home Gym in Compact Footprint

AAA Fitness Accessory Rating: Includes Multigrip Chin Up Bar, J-Hooks, Safety Spotter Arm, Core Trainer/ Landmine, Double Ended Cambered Bar, Double Ended Straight Bar, Short Bicep Bar, Nylon 2 Stirrup Handles / D Handles, Tricep Pull-Down Rope , V Handle, Ankle Strap, 4 x Band Pegs, 6 x Weight Plate Storage, 12 x Olympic Weight Spring Clips, 12 x Standard Weight Spring Clips, Attachment Storage Holders, Weight Plate Storage Holders, Bar Storage Holders

Perform over 75 different exercises. Height positions to perform Shoulder, Arms, Chest, Back, Core and Leg exercises. Fluid cable movement. Includes cable attachments. A functional trainer/cable crossover packed with additional features. Weight Shuttles Capacity 200kgs. Massive 22 adjustment positions

High End J-Hooks and Safeties designed to handle heavy loads while also protecting your barbell with a 425 kgs capacity. 40 + 10 Westside hole spacing for ideal positions when performing bench press, squats, and overhead presses.

Light Commercial Quad-bearing roller smith machine with commercial grade rails provides ultra smooth movement. Lock and release system improves safety and easy to use. Use maximum weights safely without a spotter. Add the optional Leg Press Attachment to convert the Smith Bar into a Vertical Leg Press. Why not add Force USA Adjustable bench as well?

Ergonomic multi-grip chin up/pull up station with comfortable knurling. Perform wide-grip, close-grip, neutral grip, reverse grip and ergonomic pull-up variations.

The Force USA G3 includes built-in storage for your barbells, weight plates, and cable attachments so you can keep your training space tidy and safe.

The G3 comes with band pegs positioned for resistance or assistance. Training with bands can boost your 1RM and take your powerlifting to the next level. Bands sold separately 

Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing. Only the best grade steel is used in every component to ensure your Monster G3 is the highest quality and built to last.

Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat followed by a clear coating. Durable and long-lasting protection.

Top of the line 6.2mm nylon coated mil-spec aircraft quality cables tested to 2000lbs! Steel alloy thimbles end in machine sealed clamps for the ultimate and safest workout!

Components of the Force USA Monster G3 are laser-cut to be precision perfect. Maximized structural integrity and easy assembly.

Train your whole body in one session. With so many possible training options you can perform Full Body Training in the most efficient and effective manner

Break up your training days to be focused on upper body or lower body. The Monster G3 lets you set up Split Training in second

Bodybuilding and sculpting gains can be achieved more rapidly on the Force USA G3. The G3 provides options for the most focused isolation training.

Circuit training, WOD variations, super-sets and endurance training can be performed all within one small floor space.

Never before have all of these options been possible within such a compact training space. An entire gym in one unit. The comprehensive home strength training solution.

American innovation and design. Superior quality; strength and stability. Make sure it’s Force USA. The trusted name in strength equipment.


The Monster G3 provides unparalleled versatility in a compact space! The space-saving Monster G1 will also help you get rid of the clutter in your workout room so you can do all of your workout exercises in one contained, organised, and safe area. 

No more jumping from one machine to the next to do your bench presses, squats, free weight exercises that are spread across your workout room. They're now all combined into one convenient strength training system.


  • Strength
  • Power
  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscular endurance
  • Glycolytic efficiency
  • Concentric or eccentric (Negative) training
  • Compound or isolation
  • Plyometric
  • Slow twitch or fast twitch fibres training


  • 140cm (4 feet, 7.1 inches) x 190cm (6 feet, 2.8 inches) x 220cm (7 feet, 2.6 inches). Weight 153 kgs.


  • 2:1- with 100lbs loaded, resistance is 50lbs


  • Smith 325 kgs
  • Front Safety 425 kgs
  • J-Hooks 425 kgs
  • Cables = 454kgs (1,000 lbs)


  • Multigrip Chin Up Bar
  • J-Hooks
  • Front Safety Spotter Arms
  • Cambered Bar
  • Straight Bar
  • Short Straight Bar
  • 2 Nylon Stirrup Handles
  • Tricep Rope
  • Ankle Cuff
  • Core Trainer
  • V-Bar
  • 4 x Band Pegs
  • 8 x Weight Plate Storage
  • 10 x Olympic Weight Spring Clips
  • 10 x Standard Weight Spring Clips
  • Attachment Storage Holders
  • Weight Plate Storage Holders
  • Bar Storage Holders
Condition New
Size Assembled (LxWxH) 140 cm (Increase to 200 cm if adding bench) x 210 cm x 220
Size Boxed (LxWxH) Multiple boxes, please enquire
Product Weight 152 kg
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 2 Years Moving Parts, 90 Days Upholstery. From date of purchase
Resistance Weight plates
Expansion Ready Yes
Power Rack Yes, Yes. Westside hole spaces, 40 + 10, J-Hook & Safety Capacity 425kgs
Smith Machine Yes, Ultra Smooth Balanced Sealed Bearing, Capacity 325kgs
Functional Trainer Yes, Weight Shuttles Capacity 200kgs
Chin Bar Yes, 2 Options, Capacity 450 kgs
Lat Pulldown Optional
Core Trainer Yes
Leg Press Optional, See Monster G3 Leg Press Option
Band Pegs Yes
Dip Attachment Optional
Stability Bar Optional
Attachments Included Core Trainer, Straight Bar, Tricep V Bar, Bicep Straight Bar, Curl Bar, Padded Handle Straps, Tricep Rope, Ankle Cuff
Shabhana B.

Justin Smith

There were a few issues with the delivery which Jackie dealt with. You need a few hours to assemble it so probably worth spending the extra bucks on installation. Good value for money.

Paul Bisdee

Wish I had bought this ages ago and not wasted my money at the gym. Really impressed.

Lydia H.


Lydia H.

Melanie Tierney

I did lots of homework on the G3 before buying. I have to say how impressed i am with it. The buying experience was 1st class! Basil's knowledge of the product and customer service is excellent. The installation was done as promised. Another thing that I like is the additional attachments that you can add.

Andries Terblanche

Great machine! Highly recommend!!

Pam Black

I would highly recommend the Force USA Monster G3 which I recently purchased. The range of uses are broad, for both final phase rehabilitation and functional strength for sports persons. The cable system is smooth and the squat rack stable and safer to use than a freestanding barbell, not requiring the usual "spotting". The size of the rack is also appropriate for a relatively small space, with the look and feel of a commercial piece of equipment.


As someone that has always been a member of a gym, I was a little skeptical at first. I wasn’t convinced that I could get high quality workouts in my garage, but I was wrong. This equipment along with a barbell, some dumbbells and plates is all you need to get amazing workouts. The quality of everything is as good as all the reviews say and the ease of putting together was awesome. I am impressed and would recommend this to anyone that is looking for high quality home gym equipment.

Keith Warren

I have had my G3 for about a month now. I am enjoying my workout again, I bought the G3 to replace my old equipment. Also I workout alone so I am really enjoying the smith machine. The G3 is well built and sturdy. The assembly took several hours, but not hard at all.

Mark Lamprere

This unit is absolutely perfect to transform a room or garage into a gym without taking up the whole space. I have had mine for a few days now and couldn't be more impressed. I assembled it in under 2 hours and was blown away with how sturdy it is. I paired the G3 with the MyBench and couldn't be happier. Really looking forward to throwing weights around on this thing for a long time. Very impressed, look no further if you're contemplating a power rack with versatility.

David Buaya

The G3 is everything I hoped for! This machine is a true all in one work out module. The G3 is smooth and sturdy. The adjustable cables are great quality! Assembly was super easy. It took me about 5 hours, but I was taking my time. Prior to this I had a gym membership for 15 years. I’ll never get one again ! If your debating if you should get the G3 you won’t be disappointed.

Andrea Clark

Great service from the team at Fitness Network, arrived on time and I've been using it everyday since.

Ryan Fellingham

Excellent product, compact but offers a multitude of exercises that would require multiple machines and a great deal of space

Varun Seth

Fantastic piece of equipment!

What are the differences between the G3 Monster and the G6 Monster?

  • Both of the machines offer an innovative and useful combination of four machines including the Smith machine, the functional trainer, the power rack and the power tower.
  • The G6 however is made of a commercial quality framework, whereas the G3 is designed for home and light commercial use. 
  • The G6 uses 100 kgs weight stacks in 5kg increments for the functional trainer and the G3 uses weight plates attached to weight plate shuttles. 
  • Both come with J-Hooks and safety’s, however both the J-Hooks and safety on the G6 power rack is larger on the G3 power rack.
  • The Smith machine capacity for the G6 is rated up to 350 kgs whereas on the G3 it is 200 kgs. 
  • The G3 includes a core trainer / torsinator, whereas it is an optional add on for the G6
  • The chin bar on the G3 can be swapped out with two other bars of 32 mm diameter and 50 mm diameter. 


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