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Jonathan Korb
Oct 2017

WaterRower A1 in Solid Ash Wood

The WaterRower A1 rowing machine has been designed to mimic the movement of a boat over water and bring you a real rowing experience in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to a unique mono-rail the machine encourages natural and fluid motion and helps practice good rowing technique. Natural resistance is delivered by the water in the sealed tank, and the console display will provide you with feedback on stroke rate, the total number of strokes, rowing duration, distance, intensity and more. The rowing machine has been handcrafted from solid ash wood and features pivoting footplates with adjustable straps. It also can be folded up vertically for easier storage when not in use and has transportation wheels.

Key Features

  • Handcrafted from solid Ash wood
  • Water resistance flywheel
  • Quick start LED A1 monitor
  • Aluminium mono-rail
  • 5 year frame / 2 year parts warranty
  • Monitor displays stroke rate, total strokes, duration, distance (in metres, kilometres and miles), intensity (in m/s, mph, time/500m, time/2km, watts and calories per hour)
  • Adjustable foot height settings
  • Guide wheels for easy transportation
  • Handmade in the USA


Total body workout

A single stroke on the WaterRower A1 recruits every large muscle group in the body (84% of total muscle mass.) This total body workout builds lean muscle and burns calories at a rate up to, and even in excess of, 1000 cals / hour.

Water resistance

Unlike the mechanical feeling of fan and magnetic rowing machines, a WaterRower harnesses the power of water to provide a smooth and even resistance. Each stroke on a WaterRower churns the paddle on its unique WaterFlywheel. The result? A workout that feels and sounds just like rowing in a boat, and one that is unrivaled in replicating not only the physiological dynamics of rowing, but also the aesthetic pleasure.

As with rowing in a boat, resistance on a WaterRower is self-regulating. No need for artificial adjustment, resistance on a WaterRower is 100% natural, the harder you pull the greater the resistance. Thus a WaterRower is suitable for any user, from a total beginner though to an Olympic Champion rower.

A further benefit of the WaterFlywheel is the minimal strain that is put on joints and the lower back. Free from the impact and jarring that come with many other forms of cardiovascular exercise, a WaterRower is often used as a training tool for those rehabilitating from injury.

Designed for life

The WaterRower A1 has been designed to fit seamlessly into the home environment. In contrast to traditional exercise equipment, the handsome looks of the WaterRower mean that it compliments the decor of almost any room in the house.

As with all WaterRowers, when not in use the A1 Home can be folded up vertically for space saving storage. Transportation guide wheels on the front of the the machine allow for the Classic to be easily maneuvered around the home.

Originally designed for use in commercial fitness studios; the WaterRower A1  differs from the rest of the WaterRower range in that it has an aluminium mono-rail supporting the seat. This means that the A1 Home has a slightly smaller in-use footprint than other WaterRowers, however the trade off for this is that the seat action is not as smooth and stable as it is on a dual rail WaterRower. The entry level machine in the WaterRower range, the A1  is built to the same high quality long associated with the WaterRower brand, and is a commercial gym grade rowing machine at a competitive price.

SKU A1W001
Condition New
Use Home, Light Commercial
Console A1 Monitor
Handle 17 inch
Clutch East
Finish Unstained Ash, with Danish Oil finish
Max User Weight 125 kgs
Seat Wheels 4
Resistance Water, Infinite
Warranty 5 Years frame and 3 years parts
Size Assembled (LxWxH) 218 x 56 x 53 cm
Size Boxed (LxWxH) Box 1: 73 x 62 x 52, Box 2: 139 x 27 x 43 cm
Product Weight 35 kg
Pam Black

I would highly recommend the WaterRower A1 supplied by Fitness Network. The rower has been a vital cardiovascular tool in my business for the past few years, being appropriate for rehabilitation through to functional strength and performance. My clients love the look and feel of the WaterRower, adding another dimension to their workout.

Philippe Fack

What a beautiful and efficient workout device for cardio and muscle toning. Enjoyed the step by step thoroughly described assembly process, definitely made the right choice with the WaterRower A1!

Riaan Bouwer

I bought this for my dad and he is enjoying it alot!

Pieter Coetzee

Phenominal! What a thing of beauty.

Marinus Hermens

I am enjoying my rower very much

Tania van der Kooij

We enjoy our rower , we use it everyday

Lizet Grobbelaar

Im very pleased with the product and the service

Nardus Messerschmidt

Its awesome!

Srishti Pattundeen

Very happy, my dad is also enjoying using the machine. Some of the best service i have ever had

Lisa Erofeev

Very happy and the unit is going strong

Johann Winterbach

All that we were hoping for in a rower very impressive

Craig Thomas

Really happy and great machine

Josey Hendriks

We have purchased all of our equipment from Fitness Network including the A1 rower, My wife uses it everyday and not 1 issue. Really amazing equipment and great service

Nils Korber

Very happy with the unit and the service provided. It was so amazing that i am going back to buy a treadmill

Michelle Meyer

Very happy with the machine and working well

What maintenance is required?

The WaterRower has been designed to require little maintenance. The only regular maintenance is to keep an eye on the quality of water in the tank. Purification tablets are recommended to be added every 3-6 months. Purification tablets are supplied by your local WaterRower office for the life of your machine. Unlike other rowing machines, the WaterRower has no cogs and chains and so no oiling is required.

Is there a lot of assembly involved?

Assembly of each model requires joining the main components together. Assembly should not take longer than 45minutes. All that is required is a 5mm allen wrench. Videos can be found here. Once assembled, water will need to be added to the tank. This can be done either using the hand syphon pump provided or hose. Please, refer to the manuals for water level recommendations. Be careful not to overfill the tank.

What are the differences between the models?

There are various models of the WaterRower, each are designed to suit a specific environment. There are no major mechanical differences to each model, just the hard wood used and the finish.

The Natural Series is made out of solid Ash wood, the WaterRower Natural is finished with a Honey Oak Stain and Danish Oil and the WaterRower Club is finished with Black and Rose Stain and Danish Oil.

The Designer Series consists of the Oxbridge, Classic and S1. The Oxbridge is constructed in solid Cherry wood and the Classic in solid American Black Walnut wood, both finished with Danish Oil. The S1 model has similar dimensions to the wooden models but the frame is made from Stainless Steel.

The M1 series consists of the Lo Rise and Hi Rise version, designed primarily for the commercial environment. The Hi Rise version has elevated legs to provide the WaterRower with elevated seating position and an easy on, easy off entry point. Both M1 models are constructed in aluminum and powder-coated in a variety of customer color options.

The A1 Series is different to all of the above models in that is it a mono-rail design, the Natural, Designer and M1 series are all dual rail.  This A1 Studio version is engineered for use in group-x classes such as Indo-Row and ShockWave. This series is constructed out of solid Ash wood and aluminum rail. The Studio version, the Ash wood is finished with a Honey Oak Stain and Danish Oil, where the Home version, the Ash wood is finished with only Danish Oil.

What is needed to use the heart rate function on the S4 monitor?

For Heart Rate to be displayed on the S4 monitor two additional items are required - a chest belt and a receiver plug-in connector. WaterRower offers a choice of the Polar Analog Heart Rate Monitoring Kit and the ANT+ Digital Heart Rate Monitoring Kit. Each kit comprises of the chest belt and receiver plug in connector.


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