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Andrew Gardener
May 2018

Tunturi Aerobic Pump Set 20 kg

A Bodypump set to be used at home or at the gym.

The Tunturi Dumbbell set / Aerobic Pump set 20 kg is a useful Bodypump set with beautiful coloured plates for various exercises. The dumbbell bar is made of metal and can be easily separated. The bar consists of 2 parts which can be attached to each other by a screw fastener. This makes it easy to take the bar with you or to store it.

The dumbbell plates are made of high-grade plastic and are filled with sand. The colours make it easy to choose the right weight. The dumbbell plates have grips so you can also use these plates for other exercises. The set has 2 firm spring collars to make sure that the plates stay on the bar. These spring collars can be easily removed of the bar by squeezing them.

The set contains 6 plates with the following weights:
• 2 x 1.5 kg
• 2 x 2.5 kg
• 2 x 5.0 kg
This makes it perfect to use for various exercises to train all your muscles and to get fit again.

Condition New


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