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William Malowney
Aug 2018

The Tunturi Ab Trainer is your one way ticket to a lean, defined and strong core. Simply rest your head on the soft, foam head rest within the cage and rest your arms on the supports gripping the foam upper frame, you can then use your arms to assist you in pushing upwards into an ab crunch.

The ab trainer makes it easy for anybody to perform a perfect sit up without straining their back or neck, because you can use your arms as an assist you'll find yourself able to push past where your abs would normally reach failure for faster results.

Product Features

  • Two adjustable settings allow you to customise the position for perfect body placement
  • Foam headrest support pad provides crucial neck protection
  • Complete foam shrouding enhances your grip on the roller and ensures comfortable arm support
  • Provides a highly effective abdominal workout without straining either your back or neck
  • Can be used to target your upper abs, lower abs and your obliques
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