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SliderDynamic Rowing Machine
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SliderDynamic Rowing Machine

The SliderDynamic Rowing Machine is built to withstand heavy use in a gym or rowing club and has all the features of a modern rowing machine, but with the added versatility of being an ideal technique trainer with the same stroke dynamics and ergonomics of a rowing boat.


SliderDynamic Rowing Machine

The Slider represents a new beginning for indoor rowing machines.

The advantages of the dynamic rowing machine are well known amongst rowers. What is not known in the broader fitness and indoor rowing community is how they can make everybody’s indoor rowing training more enjoyable, feel more natural, and safer for the body. 

It’s how they work and what impact this has on the body. On a stationary rowing machine the rower does all of the moving, on a dynamic machine the machine moves, the rower remains stationary. By having to move the body back and forth each stroke, the load absorbed by specific parts of the body is up to 7 times greater on a stationary rowing machine. 

Ask some of the world’s leading sports physiotherapists, sports scientists, and rowing federations why the change is on from stationary to dynamic, or compare them for yourself. The difference is incredible. Once you have tried the Slider you’ll never want to go back to the stationary machine. The stationary feels hard and heavy, the dynamic Slider feels smooth and effective. 

Change the way you row. Your body will thank you.

Repetitive Overloading - Dynamic vs Stationary

On a stationary rowing machine you have to accelerate and decelerate your body mass from a fixed position each stroke. This increases the amount of work the body must undertake, which increases the rate of muscular fatigue and exposes the lumbar spine to greater flexion as the body tires, elevating the risk of injury. 

As rowing is a repetitive exercise, overloading and overuse of the muscles and joints while training on the stationary rowing machine can have a detrimental outcome. Particularly at risk are those who are indoor rowing training regularly and for reasonable time duration each session (ie more than 20 minutes).  

The dynamic movement of the Slider significantly reduces the risk of injury by loading your body in a much safer and more natural way. On a dynamic machine, instead of moving your body mass back and forth, the dynamic frame, which is substantially lighter than your body, moves instead. Therefore the initial loading absorbed by the lumbar spine during the drive phase is much lower, and your body's momentum does not have to be decelerated at the finish of the stroke by the hip flexors, or by the knees at the beginning of the stroke. 

The big advantage of the Slider is how the reduced loading and rate of fatigue improves the ability for you to train safely, regularly, and for the longer distances required to be a competitive rower or to reach and maintain a high level of fitness on a rowing machine. Even if you only use a rowing machine for a short workout or warm up you will feel a significant difference and benefit. 

So if you have ever felt sore after a workout on a stationary rowing machine, found the lower back has stiffened up and takes a while to straighten, this repetitive overloading is the reason why. Preserving the structural health of your body is paramount and the best reason to make a change now to the way you row. 

The Best Rowing Feel

The Slider has the best rowing feel of any rowing machine. 

There are 3 main reasons why. 

Firstly, the Slider is dynamic which best simulates the natural rowing movement. 

Secondly, the unique design of the Slider has the rower and seat mounted on top of the dynamic frame. The seat rail is part of the dynamic movement and moves underneath the rower during the stroke cycle, much the same as a boat moving underneath the rower on the water. 

Thirdly, the perfect balance between the weight of the dynamic frame and the smooth rolling mechanics allow the rower to generate a solid rowing rhythm of a powerful drive and relaxed recovery. The moving frame returns naturally and builds inertia into the catch, which enables the rower to get good compression of the legs and a quick and direct connection at the beginning of the next stroke. 

These three important design factors combine to produce the equivalent stroke dynamics of the rowing boat, not only the physics but the right feeling too.

Not just about the score

A rowing machine should be much more than just a measuring device. It should encourage and reward the perfect balance between technique and power. 

It should score better when rowed properly. 

And it should do it safely for all users, experienced or not. 

This is the great advantage of the Slider, to apply maximum power requires effective technique. 

In comparison, a stationary rowing machine allows the rower to use full force whether the technique is accomplished or not. It becomes all about the power output, all about the score, a measure of effort more than anything else. 

The technical aspect of the Slider will help everyone row better. It adds focus to the rowing workout and most importantly brings technique back to indoor rowing. It does measure your score and if you row it well, reward your overall performance too.

High performance, great results.

The Slider offers the most advanced combined training, technique and testing advantages of any rowing machine.

For training, there is the variable resistance, the programmable workouts, the same stroke dynamics of a rowing boat. Physically, the Slider provides the safest, most sport specific workout of any indoor rowing machine and is perfectly suited to those rowers training hard to reach their competitive goals on the water. 

The unique dynamic design of the Slider is also highly responsive to subtle changes in technique. By rewarding consistency and smooth coordination of power from stroke to stroke, it helps the rower to not only row better but to develop concentration skill and finesse at the same time. 

The Slider is also an excellent rowing machine to use for athlete testing because of the ability to rate higher and better replicate the physiological conditions of racing on the water. Because the rower moves the ‘boat’ and not their body, all the effort is productive, and the fatigue is on the muscles, not the lower back and joints. 

Overall, the Slider enhances the benefits of indoor rowing training and directly relates to improving on water performance. In a sport of inches, a closer parallel between on water and indoor rowing training, can only make you faster.

Gain the competitive edge. Row the Slider.

Designed for rowers, to benefit everyone.

The Slider has been designed to be the ultimate rowing machine for rowers.

However the best equipment should not be for rowers only. 

Our aim was to go well beyond the expectations of rowers and design a rowing machine that everyone can use and for good reason, your body. 

The dynamic movement of the Slider produces a safe and natural rowing stroke, which greatly reduces the loading and stress on the body. This benefits everyone who uses the rowing machine but particularly those rowers who rely on the machine for long endurance workouts, fast interval work, fitness testing and racing. 

It is built to withstand heavy use in a gym or rowing club and has all the features of a modern rowing machine, but with the added versatility of being an ideal technique trainer with the same stroke dynamics and ergonomics of a rowing boat.

Regardless of your level, you will row and feel better on the Slider.

We have combined high performance features with stylish ergonomics to make the Slider look, work, and feel right for all users. 

Comfortable Seat

The seat is soft and contours to your shape.

Feet together

The feet are placed closer together, as they are in a rowing boat, for optimal power output, and to make it easy to bring the arms inside the knees at the beginning of the stroke.

Wide Handle

The handle is a broad width to set the arms in a strong and comfortable position.

Chain Height

The chain height is set higher so that you work at a more effective pull level.

Low Flywheel

The flywheel is set low to provide a clear and open view over the front of the machine.

Extra Reach

The handle stop is set further forward so that tall rowers can row a longer stroke without limiting forward reach.

Dynamic Mechanics
The unique dual rail design of the Oartec Slider allows for greater stability, simplicity of the dynamic mechanics, and durability of the rolling frame. 

Only four wheels to make it glide

The rolling frame requires only four bearing mounted roller wheels to glide the rolling frame along the stationary base rail.

Clean Wheels

The wheels are concealed inside the custom rail extrusion, keeping them clear of dirt and dust and maintenance to a minimum.

Smooth and frictionless

The contact area between the wheels and rail is minimal which reduces the mechanical friction and makes the rolling frame glide with smooth and seamless ease. 

Long range of travel

The Slider has a long range of end to end travel and a neutral zone where there is no bungee engaged to return the rolling frame. The bungee is there only as a preventative measure to return the rolling frame to the center once it approaches the end of the available travel length without interruption to the rower.

Unrestricted Seat Movement

The seat is free to move unhindered along the entire length of the seat rail.

The resistance is created by an air fan flywheel and is adjustable by moving the lever on the side of the flywheel housing. The resistance can also be set to a numerical drag factor displayed on the monitor.
Leveling Rear Leg
The Slider has an adjustable rear leg for easy leveling of the base rail and a spirit level for quick reference.

Oartec Training Monitor
The Oartec Training Monitor (OTM) is a performance monitor that provides a number of display and training features specific for rowing. 

Features include:

Calibrated exactly to industry standards for rowing speed.

Scores are accurately comparable from machine to machine.

3 Workout Modes - Just Row, programmable Time and Distance, and custom Interval workouts.

Heart Rate Monitoring - Compatible with Polar HR chest belt and receiver.

Technique feedback - Stroke Length and Drive Ratio.

Resistance can be set to a numerical Drag Factor.

Workout Memory - previous workout recall.

USB output for connectivity to external software programs.

For more detailed information, please click here to view the Oartec Slider Monitor Manual.

Crew Simulation
The Oartec Slider uses a simple connecting tube that attaches to the front of one machine and to the rear of another to link the machines together for crew simulation of up to 8 machines in line. This feature creates the ability to train as a crew and work on timing, rhythm and stroke cycle coordination together as a great training alternative.
Moving and Storage
The Oartec Slider has wheels mounted on the front leg base so that it can easily be moved around. It can also be stood upright on the front end of the frame for convenient storage when not in use.
Length: 210cm / 85"
Maximum Overall Length: 315cm / 124"
Width: 55cm / 22"
Height: 86cm / 34"
Total Weight: 40kgs / 82lbs
Dynamic Frame Weight: 24kgs / 53lbs
Stored Height: 214cm / 84" in / 7' ft


Use Home, Light Commercial, Commercial
Console Oartec Training Monitor
Handle Broad Width
Clutch N/A
Wood finish N/A
Max User Weight 180kgs
Seat Wheels Four bearing mounted roller wheels
Resistance Air fan flywheel
Warranty 3 years frame and 2 years parts
Size Assembled (LxWxH) 210 x 55 x 66 cm
Product Weight 40kgs