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Shane Ward
Dec 2018

Freeform FreeRunner Curved Manual Treadmill

The Freeform FreeRunner is an excellent entry-level curved manual treadmill for those looking to increase their fitness level and improve running technique and posture. Built to handle even the most intense workouts, the Freeform FreeRunner offers 4 levels of magnetic resistance and 7 workout modes, all without plugging into the wall!



The Freeform FreeRunner Curved Manual Treadmill enables users to accelerate and decelerate at their own pace while having full control over the resistance. Perfect for those using a manual treadmill for the first time, the easily adjustable lever on the handlebars allows you to gradually increase speed as you gain more confidence. As an added safety feature the lever also acts as an emergency brake, used for when you need to stop immediately.


Heavy  overstriding is not only discouraged on a curved treadmill, it is almost impossible. The curved contact point encourages a more natural sweep of the feet under and behind the body, similar to running outside on natural terrain. This helps for stronger body position and posture.


The Freeform FreeRunner Curved Manual Treadmill includes a simple-to-use LCD monitor so that you can keep track of your workout data easily. Multiple statistics are measured, including calories, speed, distance, time, pulse, RPM and watts, to make it easy to manage your training.


Build endurance and strength on the Freeform FreeRunner, by increasing the resistance you can replicate the movements of pushing a weighted sled, all within the comfort of your own home! Adjust your training experience to suit your goals by selecting a training program to suit your needs. Select from one of the seven training target programs, such as 10/20 and 20/10 HIIT interval training, or customise your own program.


More than your ordinary cardio machine, the Freeform FreeRunner will work your body to improve strength and toning definition with reduced impact stress on your knee joints. Not only does this machine provide users with a high-intensity, low-impact workout, but studies show it will also burn 30% more calories as compared to a flat treadmill.


  • Infinite speed
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Manual Brake
  • 0-4 Magnetic Resistance Level
  • Running surface: 160 x 44 cm
  • Max User Weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions: 172 L x 170 H x 81 W cm

Condition New
Workout Programs 7 Workout Programs
Deck 160 x 44 cm
Motor HP N/A
Speed (Km) N/A
Elevation (%) 4x Resistance Levels
Running area 160 x 44 cm
Heart Rate Monitor No
Heart Rate Control No
Operating Environment Home & Commercial
Warranty - Frame 7 Years
Warranty - Motor N/A
Warranty - Parts 1 Year
Warranty - Labour 1 Year
Max user weight 150Kg's
Notes 5" LCD Display
Size L/W/H 172 (L) x 170 (H) x 81 (W) cm
Size (Boxed) 192 (L) x 46 (H) 90 (W) cm 151kg


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