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Radomir Cermak
Mar 2018

Freeform Freedom F40 Runner Treadmill

You'll be stepping up the pace when training on the FreeForm F40 Freedom Runner Treadmill. Boost your health and fitness whilst having a great time. The FreeForm F40 treadmill has all the traditional treadmill features and is loaded with modern extras so your exercise is hassle free, fast and FUN

Condition New
Workout Programs 15 + 3 User + 1 Fat Blaster
Deck FreeFlex Precision Cushioning
Motor HP 2.25 CHP DC Motor
Speed (Km) 1 - 16 Km/h (One Touch Quick Speed Controls)
Elevation (%) 15% (One Touch Quick Elevation Controls)
Running area 132 x 43 cm
Heart Rate Monitor Hand Held Pulse Sensor
Heart Rate Control N/A
Operating Environment Home
Warranty - Frame Lifetime
Warranty - Motor 5 Years
Warranty - Parts 2 years
Warranty - Labour 1 Year
Max user weight 140 Kgs
Notes Freemix 5.0 Sound
Size L/W/H
Size (Boxed)
Hennie Kruger

Bought this for my wife as a birthday present. She loves it.

Robert C

Love it, smooth to run on, delivery top notch and super fast!

Tracey N

Great value, All the features I need to get moving more at a very reasonable price point. Fast delivery too

Ken M

I bought Freeform F40 as a gift for myself, and I'm so glad as I wanted to have my own treadmill. Compact design, and I love its preset programs. Fast delivery; highly recommend!

Long W

I loved this product the moment it arrived and assembled (which were both quickly done by the way). It really does have a wide running area. I also like that its loaded with a lot of preset programs for me to choose from. Running can be boring at times so I tend to switch things up at times when it gets too boring. Really enjoy this treadmill.

Elbert H

I bought my wife the pink f20 for her birthday. I thought it was too pink and too small for my size so I decided to get this one for myself. Had no problems using it up until now. Really impressed with its durability and performance.

Daniel L

The F40 is the best treadmill there is in my opinion. Wide running surface, easy to assemble and has a media connector. I love running while listening to my playlist. It kinda does help me run more. Recommended this to all of my friends and all of which loved it the same as I do.

Peter B

It was recommended by a close friend of mine, since I can't do outdoor runs as I've been a busy bee. Compact design makes me giddy up inside! What can I say about the fast delivery?

Jonathan P

I've always been an indoor runner and I have tried a lot of treadmills in the past. When purchasing a treadmill, I really look for the ones who have programs installed. Glad I found a lot of those in this treadmill!

Tommy R

Great machine - great service Just recently bought the F40 treadmill. Very happy with the machine and the service from the company. Great stuff.

Brian S

This has been my partner ever since my family and I moved to the new house. I'm a full time mom with two kids so I hardly have time to do my runs outdoors. This product was actually recommended by a close friend of mine. I know understand why she loved this so much. Great product!

Lorenzo L

Nothing beats getting your money's worth! First run and I fell in love instantly with how this nifty treadmill works! Good product and on time delivery

Don E

I have never been a fan of large machines. Although this treadmill is a little on that side, I appreciate its space saving design. At least I can stow it away after each use, unlike other bulky equipment that constantly distract me.

Elisse J

Helped me regain my confidence I've always been an athlete. I was part of the track and field team in high school and college, and continued pursuing a life that revolved around running after graduating. It's my passion and an escape of some sort. I'm happy and at my freest when I'm running, but two years ago, I got involved in an accident. I couldn't walk or even stand up for almost half a year. And to say that I was depressed would be an understatement. I lost hope and almost reached a point where I've already accepted that I wouldn't be able to run, or let alone walk again. But with enough encouragement and support, I was able to enter a rehabilitation program for people like me. Little by little, I was able to walk again. It was only three months ago when my legs have fully regained their strength. Now, I am able to walk and jog on a treadmill. I received this machine as a gift from my parents, and slowly but surely, it's helping me regain my confidence. Thank you.

Charlson O

I have been observing a healthier lifestyle ever since I graduated. I realized I may have been taking my body for granted that time, so now I'm trying to make up by working out as much as I can in a week. With a job to handle, I'm still getting used to organizing my schedule, but it always feels nice to run on and with the FreeForm runner treadmill. Its quality is top notch, and features are countless. I am grateful to gym and fitness for assisting me, I was a bit unsure about what to buy at first. Now that I have the FreeForm, I must say you were 100% right about choosing this machine. Thank you!

Nguyen H

The Freeform Freedom Runner Treadmill gives me the freedom to work out anytime I want and enjoying every second of it. It's unbelievably jam-packed with neat features that I've seen only when I bought it. My favorites are the media view platform and the ez assist function. I also appreciate the free book! Thanks to everyone behind this product.

Arjo P

Great product with excellent features. It has everything I need.

Stephen V

Impressive quality. Bought this for my wife and she loves it so much. :)

Caitlyn P

Recently moved out of the college dorm to live on my own. Though my place isn't that roomy, it's still huge compared to my previous dorm room. I was so excited because I can finally buy my own exercise equipment. And this is my first! Love the EZ Lift feature! Makes my F40 fold easily for compact storage.

Beverly P

I played netball when I was young. How I wish I could reshape my body like how it was. Heard from my friend that I can burn calories fast at home without having to leave my kids with my mom. I bought this treadmill and lost 2 kilos on my first week just by power walking for an hour three times a week. I am pushing myself to become fitter and healthier this time and this treadmill has been a great buy so far!

Sharon S

My husband loves outdoor running and biking, and sometimes I just can’t keep pace with his sports. I have to train hard to enhance my level and I am so happy that I found this Freeform F40 treadmill. I managed to power walk 30 minutes daily and I just beat my husband on our last run. Now we are both using the treadmill. Highly recommended fitness trainer

Amara H

I work night shifts in a community hospital and going to the gym won’t really fit my schedule. I started looking up for a decent treadmill and found this. Assembly was so easy and now that I can work out before or after my shift in my own space is just so amazing!

Paula H

Fantastic start. Will see how my husband would react when he comes back from his business trip! Nice, compact and fits in the lounge room so I can do a light jog and watch TV, great customer service and delivery was on time.

Kelly P

My friends have noticed how much weight I gained after giving birth to my two boys. I got so depressed and ended gaining more weight. A friend recommended this in-home treadmill and I’m so happy that I listened to him. I watch my diet now, and monitor my calories burned with the calories worked out display in this treadmill. I have lost 2.5kg in two weeks and couldn’t be happier!

Judith I

I work full time and I always come home from a hard day at work. I wished to be able to go to the gym regularly but just not seem to work for me. Great to have this treadmill at home. I can rest first for an hour then get ready for an hour walk while watching TV with my kids!

Barbara H

I dont usually buy exercise equipment as it always take so much space at home and never gets used. I’m so happy to have found this treadmill. It doesnt take up much room like other treadmills and it folds down easily and just stores under my bed.

Sunima G

My husband and I love to work out together but with his new job, I only get to work out with him when he has no meetings. I want the both of us to stay fit and healthy, and since he cant find time for a gym workout, I bought 2 of these treadmills and hes so happy. We both love the hand grips and being able to work out to our music hands free with this treadmill is just awesome!

June Duarte

Nice and compact, so far I have not found anything that I don't like about the treadmill.

William H.

What a great piece of equipment. Light but sturdy, portable and reliable.

Andre Eva Bosch

For the price, this is a very satisfactory treadmill and fulfills my needs.

Corlia Jones

Easy to use, loving the range of settings.

How long will it take me to assemble the treadmill? 

45 Minutes

Should I choose the installation option?

Yes, if you are not technically inclined and if you do not have assistance to assemble. There are detailed assembly instructions.

Will my warranty be voided if I install myself?

No, you can install with confidence.


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