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I loved the experience. Now I get to cycle and watch TV at the same time.

Robin Manning
Mar 2018

Force USA Power Rack Ultimate Package

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The amazing new design has extra safety points and band pegs positioning for positive and negative functional strength exercises. The Force USA Power Rack provides over 30+ of the best, most effective free weight exercises in machine form. This package comes with the optional Lat Pulldown / Low Row, Pec Deck and Cable Crossover options for the ultimate workout with unlimited exercise options in the comfort of your own home. With the ability for 3 people to train at the same time on the Power Rack and Cable Crossover options, the Force USA Power Rack is the only piece of strength equipment you will ever need! The Force USA Power Rack with Band Pegs is virtually maintenance free and easy to assemble. Although the Force USA Power Rack provides three-person accessibility, the footprint is very compact.

  • Assembled Dimensions F-PC only (LxWxH): 139 x 125 x 215cm F-PCL height = 216cm
  • Rack with Lat Pulldown, Pec Deck & Cable Crossover(LxWxH):  214 x 250 x 216cm
  • Static Weight Load Capacities:
  • Barbell Hooks = 1,000lbs
  • Barbell Safeties = 1,500lbs
  • High & Low Pulleys = 800lbs
  • Cable Crossover = 800lbs each side
  • Accepts either Standard or Olympic Sized Weight Plates
  • 4 x Barbell Hooks and 2 x Stainless Steel Barbell Safety bars
  • 4 x Band Pegs which can be used in many different positions for positive or negative exercises (assistance / resistance)

Package consissts of:

  • 1x  Force USA Power Rack (F-PC)
  • 1 x Force USA Pec Dec attachment (F-PCP) 
  • 1 x Force USA Lat Pull / Low Pulley Attachment (F-PCL)
  • 1 x Force USA Cable Crossover Attachment (F-PCC)
  • 1 x Force USA Muti Adjustable Bench
  • 1 x Fitness Network 140Kg EZ Grip Olympic bar and weight plate set
Condition New


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