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Great buying experience, I found the website easy to navigate and buying online was simple. The delivery was seamless and the communication I received throughout exceeded my expectations. The quality of the equipment is excellent and I will definitely be coming back to purchase more equipment from you. Nice to deal with a company that values their customers.

Frank Esterhuizen
Jul 2018

This product is also available in the following packages:

Force USA Multi Adjustable Gym Weight Bench With 275kg Capacity

  • Get a full-body workout with the toughest Flat to Incline/Decline Bench available! The Force USA Flat to Incline/Decline Bench (F-FID) is heavy duty and fully adjustable to give you a solid gym workout!
  • The Force USA Flat to Incline/Decline Bench is made to take as much as you can give it and is the ultimate bench for a complete free-weight workout!
  • Solid, compact and effective, the Force USA Flat to Incline/Decline Bench is strong enough for gym use, while designed to fit into any home. 
  • Featuring SteelForce™ Structural Integrity and heavy-duty, DuraCore™ high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop VorTex™ Upholstery, the Force USA Flat to Incline/Decline Bench is built to take a pounding. And, with a "Class A" rating, the Force USA Flat to Incline/Decline Bench comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

All in one
Get a full-body workout with the toughest Fully Adjustable Flat to Incline/Decline Bench available!
AAA Fitness
The trainers choice. Rated for use by high performance athletes.

Adjustment markings from 0 Degrees to 90 Degrees to make your workout easier and more enjoyable. Quick and easy seat and back pad adjustment handles.

Heavy-duty, DuraCore™ high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop VorTex™ Upholstery. Extremely comfortable and will not bottom out during your workout
LeverLift Assist
Save space in your gym. Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Military Press (Utility) Bench, Decline Bench, Abdominal Bench all in one bench.
Superior commercial grade vinyl VorTex™ upholstery. Rip-Stop mesh backing helps prevent rips and tears. Sewn seats, more comfortable, longer lasting than vinyl seats that are just stretched or stapled on.
Train Your Way
A versatile bench, functional bodyweight, abdominal training, functional and isolated dumbbell exercises. Combine with barbell and rack for heavy bench presses. Also a great addition to functional trainers.
Compact Design
Save space in your gym. Now you can have a flat bench, incline bench and decline bench all combined into one extremely strong and stable unit.

Dual rear transport wheels which allows you to easily move and roll the bench anywhere you like without having to pick up the bench completely.
Only the best grade steel is used in every component Built to last high quality heavy-gauge steel that supports even the toughest of workouts..
Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat followed by a clear coating. Durable and long lasting protection.

Non slip rubber feet gives you a solid and stable workout.
Components of the Monster G3 are laser-cut to be precision perfect. Maximised structural integrity and easy assembly.
Best In Class
Best in class, "Class A", Lifetime Structural Replacement Warranty
Expansion Ready
Unique and innovative. Expand your workout with Force USA Attachments
275 Weight Rating
A leader in its field. Extremely durable SteelForce frame provides a massive 275kg Weight Rating!
Designed in the USA
American innovation and design. Superior quality; strength and stability. Make sure it’s Force USA. The trusted name in strength equipment.

Unmatched Gym Quality Bench

The Force USA Flat to Incline/Decline Bench is unmatched in its class and will give you solid and intense workouts for many years to come!

Fully Adjustable Bench

Fully adjustable back rest you can workout in flat to incline (90 degrees) and decline positions which will help give you many exercise positions for rock solid results! Combine with a power rack, smith machine or squat racks for the ultimate workout!

Product Specifications:

Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH):  

Upright position:     158cm x  64cm x  130cm

Flat position:           158cm x  64cm x  51cm

Weight:    38kgs

  • Fully adjustable from Flat to Incline (90 degrees) and Decline positions.
  • Non slip rubber feet gives you a solid and stable workout.
  • Removable handle and leg pad attachment for intense decline exercises.
  • "Class A", Lifetime Structural Replacement Warranty along with 2 years parts warranty on all cables and pulleys.
  • Some assembly required, around 30 minutes.
Condition New
Size Assembled (LxWxH) 158cm x 64cm x 51cm
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 2 Years Moving Parts, 90 Days Upholstery
Adjustment Levels 7 Levels, Decline to Upright
Maximum User Weight 275
Upholstery Heavy-duty, DuraCore™ high density foam padding, sewn rip-stop VorTex™ Upholstery.
Powdercoated EcoCoat, eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat, clear coating. Durable protection.
Leg Extension / Curl Attachment Optional
Arm Curl Attachment Optional
Shabhana B.

Keri V.

Very good.

Dean G.

I bought this hoping for a space saving, versatile and heavy duty weight bench. Overall, I think it delivers. Assembly took around 1 hour. There's a LOT of parts. The various screws and bits are nicely packaged and labelled. Space Saving. Hmm, it's not really a space saver. It's a big beast of a bench. I'm happy that it's easy to move but would be great if it were more compactable. The seat back tends to touch the ground as soon as the bench goes vertical. This may cause premature wear on the head rest end of the bench seat back? Time will tell. The bench feels strong and I believe it will easily take it's 275 kg without any troubles (but I'm only asking about 150kg of the bench so far, including weights). Note: It wobbles a little with normal use due to the back rest hinge being a loose fit. The incline and flat range is great. The decline is average in my opinion. The seat does not go high enough to be level with the back rest in decline position. This makes for a difficult ab crunch. However, ab crunches are still doable and to be honest my abs a smashed after the first use (not currently in shape!).

Luke W.

Great bench, quality materials, plenty of adjustments, attachments are quality and very sturdy, overall a 5star bench!


Excellent service, great delivery time, fantastic piece of equipment. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Kira P.

Very happy with my recent purchase. Good quality easy to assemble quick delivery.

Lucy H.

I have always been doubtful about buying machines that are too complicated and offer features that you can't really use. The problem is simple machines tend to get damaged easily. Buying the Force USA FID Bench, my dilemma was easily solved. This machine easily classifies as heavy duty, but it is also designed to fit any home. For the three months I have been using it, it has already helped me build strength in various areas.

Carlie B.

I have been looking for a tough machine that is great for home use, and the Force USA FID Bench is the perfect one. I don't like bulky gym equipment as I tend to get too intimidated by them, so I'm starting small with this bench. So far, it has helped me a lot especially on the abdominal region. I enjoy working out with this bench at least five times a week. It boosts my confidence as I am now able to be more comfortable in my own skin.

Kris D.

I have never been more comfortable and at ease with any other bench. The Force USA FID bench has a comfy padding and it never hurt my back

Lola H.

My old bench finally retired so I needed something to replace it. First time I tried this bench, this is my initial reaction: as much as my previous bench has sentimental value to me, wow I was missing out a lot. I'm glad I bought this FID bench by Force USA because it definitely upgraded my workouts and exercises. I love the adjustable features (which my old bench didn't have).

Romeo S.

I have pretty much attracted every type of illness as a child. Now that I have kids of my own, I make sure to stay fit and healthy. I have a couple of Force USA products in my mini gym and sometimes my kids would watch me train. It's our bonding. This one in particular helps me build amazing leg strength and has done a great job.

Jonas P.

Excellent unit with fully adjustable features. Leg extension is also perfect for solid leg exercises.

Cory A.

Adjustable according to needs. Great for upper body and leg exercises. One of the best benches in the market today.

Beau W.

It's a very nice piece, many options, strong frame and versatile. Good for all forms of bench and upper body free weights, and nice leg and preacher curl attachment. The one issue is the rollers at the base which impede certain exercises.

Carl B.

Best home bench :D

James G.

Love it! Heaps of features packed into it, good quality and fits in well with the force usa power rack.

Brian J.

I have found the Force USA FID bench supports your lower back and enables you to use proper technique. I had developed bad habits with my old bench - the FID bench has corrected this.

Gordan M

It's great, does everything I need it to do

Mel L.

Great product. Fast delivery


I was slightly nervous about getting this bench as i had not seen it in person. Anyone one looking at it now can rest assured that it is extremely good quality and very very sturdy. No unforeseen movement or feeling of weakness in this product at all. When i unpacked it from the box i got excited with the density of the padding and the solidness of it's construction. Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants it all (Incline, Decline,Flat).

Yuki D.

My old bench was durable, but it never failed to make my back hurt after working out. The foam padding is just too thin and not of great quality. That's why I decided to purchase a better and more comfortable bench. Initially, all I wanted was the comfortable foam padding, but it turned out I got so much more. It is undeniably packed with a lot of features. So happy with my purchase!

Polo A.

I like the fully adjustable features of this bench the most. It is indeed strong enough for gym use, but it also perfectly fits my apartment. Construction and frame are obviously solid, and the foam padding really comfortable. Glad to have this bench around my home. Looking forward to having more intense workouts as I go along. I'm also considering to purchase a smith machine to go with it

Edward V.

This heavy duty bench allows me to do a nice range of dumbbell exercises. With the optional attachments, I can say every workout session helps me become fitter and healthier.

Christian Q.

This Force USA bench is perfect for full body workouts. My girlfriend and I have been using this bench for two months now and we're enjoying every workout period.

Mark J.

I am glad I bought this Force USA bench. It's adjustable, durable, and comfortable to use.

Candice B.

Bought this product three months ago. Love it, it's so functional! No issues on the construction or the frame. Love the comfortable padding. Transport wheels help me move it around easily, especially since I like working out by the window to get some fresh air. Non-slip feet also helps me have a stable workout each and every time.


Very happy with the Force USA F/I/D bench, works well and very stable, might just need more than one person for assembly

amy h

Fast delivery and awesome service wouldn't buy through anyone else

Paul O.

Great piece of equipment. Forgot how useful and versatile an incline, decline bench is. Thanks for your great service as always

zheng f.

fantastic product and prompt delivery!


love the bench! was easy to put together and is really strong and can do lots of different exercises!


I've been using this bench for over two months now and cannot fault it. I was impressed by the quality of the product from as soon as I began to unwrap it and I can honestly say it has been worth every cent. The ability to add the seperate Leg and Arm attachments is a real bonus.


The bench is perfect


Thanks for the great deal guys, really looked after me and cant be more happy with my power rack and Force FID Bench! Its just like the bench I used to use at the gym, nice and sturdy when doing all of my exercises...pec fly, rows etc. Top choice bench, great value!


This is a quality product for a very affordable price. The whole process was excellent, from the sms's to let me know its been shipped to how easy it was to put together (could you believe everything lined up perfectly like it had actually been engineered with very little tolerance?). Had my first work out this morning and it really matches up well against a gym bench, and very comfortable. Thanks, Hamish

Stephen K

Purchased this bench because I was interested in something a little more heavy duty than the entry level benches. I use it for my home gym. I wanted something that was sturdy and would last. I can put a total of 170kg (includes me) on it and it feels rock solid. It's easy to roll out of the way when not in use (less so with the preacher curl and leg extension attachments). Comfortable padding. Overall really happy with this purchase. Time will tell how long the padding stands up, but my initial impression is that this thing is going to last a long long time.

Pieter Kotze

Great quality. Will last a lifetime. Does what it says on the tin.


Feels very comfortable and is of quality


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