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Tunturi T30 Home Treadmill

Tunturi T30 Home Treadmill - Side vie
Tunturi T30 Treadmill
Tunturi T30 Treadmill console display
Tunturi T30 Treadmill console display
Tunturi T30 Home Treadmill
Tunturi T30 Home Treadmill - Side vie Tunturi T30 Treadmill Tunturi T30 Treadmill console display Tunturi T30 Treadmill console display Tunturi T30 Home Treadmill
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Tunturi T30 Home Treadmill

The Tunturi T30 Home Treadmill is very easy to use, reliable and comfortable. Featuring a top speed of 18 km/h, a maximum elevation of 12% and a 2.5 hp continuous duty motor, this machine is perfect for people who want to maintain or improve their general fitness and comes standard with the following unique Tunturi features.
  • Unique and comfortable running surface for Tunturi treadmills; safe and shock absorbing, Creates less burden on joints.Thicker deck with absorbtion for an optimal training result in which muscles and joints are protected. The Tunturi T30 treadmill is a must when safety and comfort are at the top of your list.
  • Folding and space saving! Wonderful Scandinavian design makes every Tunturi an asset for the home, but even a Tunturi can sometimes be in the way. Easy folding systems and wheels make each design easily movable. 
  • The console features T-Pulse, 7 preset T-Scale programmes, hot keys and contact heart rate monitor;
  • Wireless Heart rate measuring, this gives the user complete freedom during training. The chest belt sends the heart rate data to the monitor. This is ideal and important if the heart rate is to be accurately and continuously measured.  . 
  • Heart rate training programme, T-Pulse™ offers the user the most reliable, intelligent and complete heart rate training programme. It is a unique Tunturi concept that perfects training on the basis of heart rate control even further. By adjusting its intensity, your Tunturi T30 treadmill makes sure that you will stay within the heart rate setting you choose. Setting up the intensity and changing it is simple. Working safely and effectively on your health!
  • Measuring the heart rate via handgrip sensors
    The heart rate is measured via sensors in the handgrips when this symbol is shown. This method is suitable for measuring your heart rate very simply in a simple way. The contact sensors are built into the grips on the handlebars.
  •  Variable intensity and length of the programmes, the Tunturi  T30 offers a wide range of pre-programmed training options. These programmes are adapted to the needs of the user. Every programme can be adjusted to your own wishes and needs with T-Scale™ with just one push of a button.T-Scale™ offers the user virtually unlimited choice. What is important is that the programme can be adjusted easily during the training without interruption. The time and/or distance in the programmes can also be varied.
  • Pro-active programme for treadmills
    This patented Tunturi programme is as ingenious as it is simple. Two important features form the basis of this programme. This intelligent programme controls the speed and adjusts the pace when necessary. Walking faster automatically means a higher speed and vice versa. Pro-active, handsfree, very comfortable and safe. PSC offers 100% effective training because the programme reacts proactively to the user. That means that the treadmill reacts immediately if the user wants to run slower by adjusting its speed. The treadmill will of course automatically speed up when you start to run at the front. A truly unique programme from Tunturi that you must experience in person!
  • Individual settings
    The key to individual fitness training. The more the fitness trainer knows about its user, the better the settings and the feedback will be tuned to that person. All personal settings can also be stored in the memory. This offers the possibility to store your own, individually tailored training program.
  • Easy to read LED displays on the console give a comprehensive display of your training progress
  • 'Hot Keys' and handrail remote control for speed and elevation adjustment make exercising easy
  • Quick safety stop in case of an emergency
  • Large running deck - belt size 51 x 150 cm   
  • Low instep frame makes training stable and safe.
  • The Warranty period for parts can be extended for home use by registering your purchase online.


Console display Combined graphic LED profile display and scrolling info bar
Workout Programs 13
Deck T-Flex
Motor HP 2.5hp Continuous Duty ~ 4.0 HP Peak
Speed (Km) 0.8-18 km/h, 0.1 km/h steps
Elevation (%) 12%, 0.5 steps
Running area 51 x 150 cm
Heart Rate Monitor Yes, Optional Heart Rate Belt
Heart Rate Control Yes, 3 constant HRC modes
Operating Environment Home
Warranty - Frame 15 years
Warranty - Motor 15 Years
Warranty - Parts 24 Months + (12 Months)
Warranty - Labour 1 Year
Max user weight 135kgs
Notes Folds, Contact heart rate, bottle holder, transport wheels
Size L/W/H 193 x 90 x 140 cm
Size (Boxed) L/W/H 201 x 90 x 33 cm
Product Weight 110 kgs

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