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Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment comes in many different shapes and forms; be it a Home Gym, Commercial Gym or Corporate Fitness facility. Gym Equipment includes everything to do with exercise whether you are looking for a gym bench, power rack, free weights or Multi Gyms.
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EZ-Grip olympic weight plates
Price: R 70.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
The EZ-Grip olympic weight plates have an easy grip tri-grip design that allow for a quick change over when adjusting weights, the plates will fit onto any olympic bar, machine or attachment. The plates are of a high, durable quality suitable for commercial and home gym use. EZ Grip Olympic Weight Plates from Fitness Network, Available in 2.5kg, 5kg,10kg,15kg & 20kg. Ranging in price from R70.
Weight Plates Standard
Price: R 75.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Standard Barbell Plates from Fitness Network, Ranging in price from R75
Price: R 195.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Kettlebells look like shot putts with a handle and have been used in training the Russian army for centuries. They work a complete range of muscles as you swing the kettlebell backwards and forwards or from side to side. There are cardiovascular benefits also. Ranging in price from R195
Medicine Balls
Price: R 199.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Medicine Balls - Weights available -1kg,2kg,3kg,4kg,5kg.
Horse Shoe Handle
Price: R 225.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Rotating Knurled Chrome Steel Horse Shoe Handle.
Price: R 275.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
This versatile bar is perfect for any gym, club, school or home. Engineered to do Tricep Press Downs, Straight Bar Curls, Upright Rows, Seated Rows, Arm Pullovers, and much more with a constant, steady, uninterrupted motion.
Tricep Rope
Price: R 375.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
The Tricep rope can be used to strengthen triceps, biceps, shoulders and abs.
Seated Row/ Chinning Bar
Price: R 375.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Seated Row / Chinning Bar, perfectly balanced with comfortable diamond knurl-textures grips.
Was R 485.00 (incl VAT)
now R 385.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
EZ Curl Bar - The quickest way to increase upper Arm mass, strength and definition.
Price: R 385.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Designed for back and shoulder development the Dual Purpose Bar features a chrome finish and is solid steel. Perfect for seated rows, low pulls and chinning bar .
Lat Pull down bar
Price: R 395.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Solid lat bar, easy to attach.
Was R 495.00 (incl VAT)
now R 395.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Our 1.8m Standard Bar is designed for a wide range of weight lifting workouts.
Was R 595.00 (incl VAT)
now R 495.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Our 2.1m Standard Bar is designed for a wide range of weight lifting workouts.
Welded Dumbbell
Price: R 575.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Superbly crafted welded dumbbells, sold in pairs.Ranging in price from R575. Delivery not included please call for delivery price.
Olympic Weight Bar with Spring Collars (Revolving Sleevs - 450 KGS)
Price: R 1 850.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Olympic Weight Bar with Spring Collars (Revolving Sleeves - 450 KGS). Designed to take you to super heavy work loads and beyond! Precision engineered of the highest quality components possible for a lifetime of exercise pleasure.
10 Pair Fixed Barbell Rack
Price: R 2 995.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Stylish 10 pair barbell rack.
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