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Back Exercise Machines

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Price: R 4 795.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
This dual-function Ab/ Back machine allows you to exercise two major muscle groups, the abdominals and back.
Price: R 6 495.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Strengthen your lower back, glutes, and abs in a comfortable and precise position with the Powertec dual hyper extension/Roman chair. The only hyper extension chair of its kind that provides several variations, the Powertec Hyper extension/ Crunch bench lets you lock in at a 45-degree angle for slanted hyper extensions, or use the adjustable foot roller system and adjustable seat to perform traditional hyper extensions.
Price: R 6 995.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Reverse Hyper Extension exercises are ideal for strengthening and stretching your back at the same time.
Was R 11 495.00 (incl VAT)
now R 10 995.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Back by popular demand, the 2013 Powertec Lat Machine with a 180 kg weight capacity. The plate load lat pull down machine offers a swivel chair to allow more exercises such as triceps push downs, base pulley rowing and biceps curls.
Showing: 1 - 4 of 4 Items
   Page: 1