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Ab Exercise Machines

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Price: R 895.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Heres how to get to those hidden core muscles that will make all the difference. Lie on your back and place your palms just below your belly button. Exhale and allow your tummy to expand as far as you can, then focus on pulling your belly button toward your spine, drawing your abdomen toward the floor. Hold for five seconds. Repeat eight to 10 times...
Price: R 2 195.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
Abdominal crunch bench, excellent for working out the Abdominals!
Price: R 2 995.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
The Force USA Adjustable Ab Bench will help you build your core strength, get ripped abs and a powerful back. Work your upper, middle and lower abs along with your obliques in multiple crunch positions. Just use the pop pin to quickly and easily adjust the angle of the bench to increase or decrease your workout intensity.
Price: R 4 795.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
This dual-function Ab/ Back machine allows you to exercise two major muscle groups, the abdominals and back.
Price: R 4 995.00 (incl VAT) Delivery included
The fundamental requirements of an athlete are strength, flexibility and endurance-so why not choose a machine that will give you the competitive edge that you are looking for? If you want strong, conditioned and toned abdominal muscles, look no further! All you need is this tried and tested Roman Chair. Six different exercises can be executed to target all the muscles in the mid section i.e. Rectus Abdominus, Serratus, Intercostals and Obliques.
Showing: 1 - 5 of 5 Items
   Page: 1